Morgado do Quintão: Reviewing a Unique Wine Experience


Look no further than Morgado do Quintão, one of the Algarve’s most stunning vineyards, which offers incredible and unique experiences, including the chance to dine underneath a 2,000-year-old olive tree.

I enjoyed spending an afternoon at the Morgado do Quintão, so how did I like it? And would I recommend it?

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I went on this Join In On Our Farmers Table lunch experience and had the most magical experience — I would 100% recommend it.

I had previously read about this experience online, and it was one of my top Algarve wish-list items. But why was I so excited to visit Morgado do Quintão? Let’s start at the beginning with some background information about this beautiful estate.

A Little Bit of History

Morgado do Quintão is home to some of the oldest vines in the Algarve

It all began in the 18th century when the Count of Silves, taken by the beauty and potential of the Algarve region, planted the very first vineyard on the property now known as Morgado do Quintão. This was a time of discovery and passion for the Count, an adventure that would go on to shape not only his life but also the lives of future generations.

The estate, an expansive 60 hectares in size, quickly blossomed under the Count’s care, its fertile soil and favorable climate nurturing 7 hectares of vineyard. Over time, the property transformed into a rich tableau of life, a green haven where grapevines and ancient olive trees thrived side by side.

As time went on — 300 years to be exact — the land was handed down, like a beloved family heirloom, over four generations. For most of its existence, the estate’s main activity was to grow and sell the grapes. But in 2016, a new chapter in the estate’s story began.

A New Purpose: Wine-Making

The different types of Morgado do Quintão wines.

2016 marked a transformative era for Morgado do Quintão as they melded their historical roots with modern innovation. That year, they stepped beyond traditional grape farming to start producing their own wine. Starting modestly with 2,000 bottles, they rapidly expanded their operations to an impressive 80,000 bottles annually.

Morgado do Quintão prides itself on echoing the richness of the Algarve’s terroir in its wines. Their crafting process honors traditional winemaking methods, which highlight native grape varietals like Crato Branco and Negra Mole that are organically and dry farmed.

The result? Wines that uniquely encapsulate the character and quality of the Algarve region.

Morgado do Quintão: The Experience

It’s no secret that I love wine, but that wasn’t the only reason that I was dying to spend an afternoon at Morgado do Quintão. Along with producing their own wines, I was impressed by the different types of experiences that they offered, many of which happen underneath a stunning 2,000-year-old olive tree.

💭 Picture this. You are sitting at a beautifully curated table draped in white linens underneath the massive shadow of an ancient olive tree. A gentle breeze rocks the branches back-and-forth, while also providing a cool respite from the Algarvian sun. Your glass is constantly filled with various wines, paired perfectly with each dish, freshly made with local ingredients. Laughter is the only thing that pierces the silence as you fully immerse yourself in this magical experience.

Does that sound incredible? If I haven’t convinced you yet, here are just some of the experiences that you can enjoy at this incredible estate.

Lunch/Dinner Under an Olive Tree

I personally went on this Join In On Our Farmers Table lunch experience – which I 100% recommend. Right when I walked into the estate, I noticed the majestic and towering olive tree located next to rows and rows of vineyards.

Before we even were able to sit down, we were served our first glass of wine, along with a detailed background of the wine. Once we sat down, we were served several traditional Portuguese dishes paired with wines straight from the property’s vines.

Our food included sardines, fresh summer salads, pork, potatoes, and delicious dessert —made with ingredients from local producers. We even had a delicious port-style dessert wine.

The best part? We were able to walk around and just take the beauty of the estate before heading out. I even bought a bottle (or two) of my favorite wine to take home with me.

👋🏻 You can book the lunch here, but if you prefer a more romantic evening out, they also have a dinner experience that you can book here.

⭐️ Be aware that if it’s raining, the event will not be canceled. Instead, you will enjoy your meal inside the main house or a vintage olive press

Wine Tastings

© Morgado do Quintão

If you aren’t too keen on a sit-down dinner or lunch, the winery also offers wine tastings. On this Premium Vineyard Estate Tour & Tasting, you’ll learn all about the estate’s wines as well as the history of Morgado do Quintão. You’ll be able to taste a variety of wines that are expertly paired with charcuteries and cheese, provided by local producers.

Stay the Night

The inside of the BOUGAINVILLEA cottage in Morgado do Quintão

Drank a little too much wine? Or would you like to extend your experience? Morgado do Quintão also offer lodging (which you can book here). The owners decided to convert three of their old houses, caretake’s lodgings, and cereal stores, as well as parts of the main house, into authentic farm stay vineyard cottages found amongst the estate’s greenery.

The result is quaint cottages that blend old and new and are designed to be minimal, comfortable, and functional yet stylish. Some of these cottages also have a pool, as well as amenities like a full kitchen with appliances, a barbecue, a terrace, and a dishwasher.


The interior of the new spa © Morgado do Quintão

Along with food, wine, and lodgings, the estate recently launched treatments in partnership with La-Eva. La-Eva creates organic sensorial cosmetics and well-being products, which are used in onsite treatments such as the Deep Release Massage, Sensory Immersion Massage, and the Rosēum Full Body Scub treatment.

How to Get to Morgado do Quintão?

Quinta Morgado do Quintão is located in Lagoa, Algarve, which is around 9.9km or 20 minutes from the town of Carvoeiro. One of the only ways of getting to this estate is via car, so if you do book a lunch or dinner experience, you’ll need to either drive there or take a taxi/UBER.

So Would I Recommend Morgado do Quintão?

© Morgado do Quintão

YES — I would 100% recommend Morgado do Quintão. This place delivers an experience that transcends the ordinary; it’s a journey etched into your memory, one you’ll reflect upon with great joy and nostalgia. It offers a unique encounter that sets it apart from the typical Algarve adventures.

If your heart yearns for something off the beaten path, something more than just another boat trip down the picturesque Algarvian coast, then Morgado do Quintão is your answer.

Here, you’re not just witnessing a wine estate; you’re immersing yourself in a living testament to Portugal’s rich winemaking heritage. You’re becoming a part of a story that dates back centuries. So, if you’re in search of the extraordinary, then don’t miss out on the unforgettable journey that Morgado do Quintão promises.

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  1. Flavia Danese says:

    Hello, we will be in Portimao July 10-14 and would LOVE to join the lunch under olive tree, or dinner. I don’t see dinnner option, is that dinner in the vineyard? Is that also a 3-course with wine? Is it a communcal table or single tables? I am traveling with my son on a post-graduate trip through Europe, so either one works.
    We’d like to decide whether lunch or dinner, and can’t wait!

    Flavia Danese
    New York City

    1. Hi Flavia, for dinner, you can book the experience here:
      It is still 3-courses (starter, main and dessert with 3-4 wines to pair). It is a communal table, so as in the photo it is one long table.
      Let me know if you have any other questions.

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