Visiting Lisbon in March: Weather Info & Best Travel Tips


You’ve landed on the right article, as I live in Portugal, and have spent a lot of my time in Lisbon. In this article, I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about visiting Lisbon in March.

March in Lisbon, with its mild weather, marks the beginning of the spring season, attracting visitors before the peak tourist rush. If you prefer a balance between enjoying pleasant weather and avoiding large crowds, March is the best month to explore this incredible capital city.

From the weather in Lisbon in March, to the best things to do in Lisbon in March and even some Lisbon travel tips for March — it’s all here.

Ready to discover everything you need to know for your Lisbon March trip? Let’s get to it!

Weather in Lisbon in March

Lisbon in March, neighbourhood Chiado

March in Lisbon marks the beginning of spring, bringing milder yet good weather and an increase in sunny days compared to the winter months.

This period benefits from Lisbon’s position in southern Europe and the moderating effects of the Atlantic, ensuring that the weather is neither too cold nor overly hot.

Rainfall is relatively low, but occasional showers can occur, so it’s wise to pack a light raincoat or umbrella just in case. The chance of rain in March is about 17%, meaning you’ll likely experience many dry days to explore the city comfortably.

Overall, Lisbon in March offers a delightful climate for sightseeing, with enough warmth to enjoy outdoor activities without the intense summer heat​.


What are the average temperatures in Lisbon in March?

The average temperature in Lisbon in March typically range from a low of around 10°C (51°F) at night to a high of approximately 18°C (65°F) during the day (daytime temperatures).

Lisbon temperature March – weather in Lisbon in March in Celsius. (Photo: Weather Atlas, Lisbon March Weather)

Some days might even experience warmer temperatures, reaching into the low 20s °C (low 70s °F), thanks to Lisbon’s southern European location and the moderating effects of the Atlantic Ocean.

  • Average high temperature in Lisbon in March: 18°C (65°F).
  • Average low temperature in Lisbon in March: 10°C (51°F).
  • Hottest months in Lisbon, Portugal: July and August.
  • Coldest months in Lisbon, Portugal: January and February, during the winter season. The coldest month is also January.

Is there sunshine in Lisbon in March?

Yes, Lisbon enjoys plenty of sunshine in March, with an average of 7-8 hours of sunshine per day, offering ample opportunity to explore the city under bright, clear skies.

Lisbon Portugal temperature March (Photo: Weather Atlas, Lisbon daylight hours)

March is not the sunniest month of the year in Lisbon. The sunniest months and longest day can be found in July and August when the city can experience up to 11-12 hours of sunshine daily.

Compared to these peak summer months, March has fewer daily hours of sunshine, averaging 7-8 hours, but it still offers plenty of bright days for outdoor activities​.


Is it rainy in March in Lisbon?

March in Lisbon marks the transition from the rainy season towards drier spring weather. While there is still a possibility of rain, with a 17% chance of rain throughout the month, it is considerably less rainy compared to the winter months.

Lisbon rain forecast in March (Photo: Weather Atlas, Lisbon Weather March)

The weather is generally mild, with increasingly sunny days, making March a relatively dry time to visit Lisbon compared to the peak rainy season.

Even when it does rain in March, the showers are often not all-day events. This means the weather might look horrible in the morning but clear up in the afternoon.

So remember to pack both for mild weather and the occasional shower, including a light raincoat or umbrella, to be prepared for changing conditions throughout the day. Because yes, there will be cloudy days and days of rain, but you’ll also see sunshine.

When is the rainy season in Lisbon?

The rainy season in Lisbon typically occurs in the late autumn and winter months, from November to February.

During this period, the city experiences the majority of its annual rainfall.

  • What’s the average rainfall in Lisbon in March? 56 mm (2.20 inches)
  • How many days does it rain in Lisbon in March? Throughout the month, there are about 13 days when some rainfall can be expected.

Note: No one can predict the weather with 100% accuracy. If you don’t mind taking a risk, January to April is the slow season in Lisbon Portugal  which means lower price tags and smaller crowds.

Does it rain all day in Lisbon in March?

No, it doesn’t usually rain all day in Lisbon during March. When it rains, you might see a mix of sunny spells and showers throughout the day.

Portugal temperature in March and rainy days (Photo: Weather Atlas, Lisbon in March Weather)

So, even if you start your day with rain, there’s a good chance it could clear up, allowing you to explore the city. Always be ready with an umbrella or a light raincoat, just in case.

Best things to do in Lisbon when it rains

Whether you’re visiting Lisbon in April or March or any other time, you should take a ride on the famous Tram 28.

Rainy days in Lisbon offer the perfect chance to dive into its rich indoor culture and activities. Here are some things to do in Lisbon when its raining:

🎨 Visit Museums: Lisbon is home to many unique museums. You can visit the Gulbenkian Museum, which showcases a mix of ancient and modern art, or the MAAT, focusing on art, architecture, and technology, is a great place to start. There’s also the National Tile Museum, the National Coach Museum, the Maritime Museum and the best aquarium: Oceanário de Lisboa.

🎶 Enjoy a Fado Show: Rainy evenings are perfect for experiencing Fado, Portugal’s soul-stirring traditional music. Many restaurants and bars in the Alfama district host live Fado performances.

☕️ Coffee and Pastries: Take the opportunity to relax in one of Lisbon’s cozy cafés, enjoying a coffee and a pastel de nata (custard tart), watching the world go by from a warm, comfortable spot. Or, if you are feeling adventurous, why not take a pastel de nata cooking class?

🍷 Go on a Wine Tour: Many indoor venues offer wine-tasting sessions in and around Lisbon, showcasing Portugal’s rich wine culture.

🍽️ Enjoy a food tour: Join a guided food tour to explore Lisbon’s culinary delights indoors or with brief outdoor walks between spots. If you don’t feel like walking around, you can also opt for a Lisbon cooking class and learn how to make a signature Portuguese dish in the home of an expert chef.


How warm is the water in Lisbon in March?

In March, the water temperature around Lisbon is relatively cool, averaging around 15°C to 16°C (59°F to 61°F).

Average sea temperature (Photo: Weather Atlas, Lisbon Portugal Weather March)

While these sea temperatures are considered chilly for casual swimming, it doesn’t deter all water activities. Brave souls do venture into the water for surfing, taking advantage of the spring swells.

If you’re planning to surf or engage in other water sports during this time, wearing a wetsuit is highly recommended to stay warm and comfortable in the cooler water.

Although casual beach swimming might not be ideal due to the cooler water temperatures, the beaches can still be enjoyed for walks, sunbathing on warmer days, and of course, day drinking at one of the amazing beach bars in and around Lisbon.


What To do In Lisbon In March

Visit Sintra

March is a great month to explore outside the Portuguese capital. One of the best places to go? Sintra.

Sintra, one of the most beautiful UNESCO World Heritage sites, is nestled in the Serra de Sintra lush hills, is a magical escape from Lisbon’s hustle and bustle. It is definitely worth visiting.

Famous for its romantic 19th-century architecture, including the colorful and whimsical Pena Palace and the mysterious Quinta da Regaleira, Sintra offers a fairy-tale experience.

Visiting in March has the added benefit of fewer crowds, allowing for more quiet exploration of its enchanting gardens, historic estates, and narrow streets. A Sintra day trip from Lisbon is a great idea.

Take a Day Trip to Cascais

Visiting Lisbon in March should incude a road trip to Cascais, to eat delicious food and visit its beautiful beaches.

Cascais, once a humble fishing village, transformed into a sophisticated seaside resort in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, attracting Portuguese and European nobility and elite. The Portuguese royal family’s decision to make Cascais their summer retreat significantly influenced this transformation.

The presence of King Luís I and his family in Cascais during the summer months made it a fashionable destination, leading to the construction of lavish mansions and estates in the area.

Stroll along the charming old town, enjoy the maritime atmosphere, or explore the scenic coastline leading to the dramatic Boca do Inferno cliff formation. Also make sure to eat at one of the many amazing restaurants.

March is a great time to visit as the mild temperatures are ideal for exploring, and the summer tourist season crowds have yet to arrive, offering a more relaxed experience.

Explore Lisbon in a Tuk-Tuk

tuk-tuk tours in Lisbon, a tuk-tuk in Praça do Comércio
One of the things to do in Lisbon in March (and Lisbon in April and Lisbon in February) is to take a tuk-tuk ride.

Why a tuk-tuk tour you may ask? These nimble vehicles can navigate the narrow, winding streets, providing an intimate look at Lisbon’s stunning architecture, and breathtaking viewpoints.

Exploring Lisbon in a tuk-tuk allows you to explore some of the city’s most icononic neighbourhoods, like Alfama, Bairro Alto and Mouraria.

Tuk-Tuk tours often include knowledgeable local guides, adding depth to your adventure with historical insights and hidden gems not found on typical tours. It’s a fun, personalized way to experience Lisbon’s charm and character.

Go On an Outdoor Adventure

The month of March is still considered low season, so expect fewer tourists, meaning that if you need a city break, the perfect place to go is to the Arrábida Natural Park.

Lisbon’s surrounding areas are a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, offering a wide range of activities from dolphin spotting in the Sado Estuary to kayaking along the rugged coastline or canyoning in the Arrábida Natural Park.

The region’s diverse landscapes provide the perfect backdrop for adventure, whether you’re seeking a gentle day of exploration or an adrenaline-fueled challenge.

With the mild March weather, it’s an excellent time for outdoor adventures, it’s not too hot, but you still have warm weather and plenty of bright sunny days.

Take a Cruise Down the Tagus

March is the best time of year to enjoy a beautiful cruise down the gorgeous Tagus river, but remember to bring a light jacket.

A cruise down the Tagus River provides a unique perspective on Lisbon’s historical monuments and stunning waterfront. From the iconic Belém Tower and the Monument to the Discoveries to the 25 de Abril Bridge, seeing Lisbon from the water offers a serene and picturesque experience.

Sunset cruises are particularly magical, offering breathtaking views of the city bathed in golden light. This peaceful journey is a perfect way to unwind and soak in the beauty of Lisbon from a different vantage point.

Want to know what to do in Lisbon? If you are coming here for the first time, and want an ultimate guide to all the tourist sites and Lisbon experiences, then read our travel guide: 40 Best Sights in Lisbon: Exploring Portugal’s Capital.


Holiday & Festivals in Lisbon in March

March in Lisbon brings with it a sense of renewal as the city begins to shake off the winter chill and embraces the onset of spring. This transitional period is marked by various holidays and festivals, reflecting the rich cultural heritage of Portugal and the vibrant, contemporary life of its capital.

Carnaval (Carnival)

Although the date varies, falling either in late February or early March, Carnaval is a festive season celebrated with parades, colorful costumes, and parties before the Lenten season begins.

Lisbon and its surrounding areas come alive with music, dance, and joy, offering a glimpse into Portugal’s festive traditions.

Semana Santa (Holy Week)

While not as elaborately celebrated in Lisbon as in other parts of Portugal or Spain, Holy Week leading up to Easter Sunday can still be a reflective time with special masses and church processions.

Traveling to Lisbon in March: Frequently Asked Questions

Is March a good month to visit Lisbon?

Yes, March is a good month to visit Lisbon. The weather starts to warm up, offering milder temperatures compared to the winter months.

Although the spring season might not be the ideal time (weather wise to come), it can be a good idea if you want to go sightseeing without the peak season crowds and maximum temperatures that summer brings.

What is happening in Lisbon in March?

In March, Lisbon begins to embrace the spring season with various events and activities. Festivals like Carnaval may occur in early March, offering parades and festivities.

Great location to visit in Lisbon —the LX Factory is the best place to go shopping or for a bite to eat.

Cultural events, exhibitions, and concerts also take place, reflecting the city’s lively arts scene. Additionally, thi sis the perfect time to enjoy outdoor adventures and explore nearby attractions like Sintra and Cascais with fewer tourists.

What to wear in Lisbon in March?

In March, Lisbon’s weather can be all over the place, with mild days and cooler evenings. Make sure to bring layers that can be easily adjusted.

The weather forecast can be tricky with both high and low temperatures. So the best thing is to bring layers like a sweater.

Bring a light jacket or sweater, comfortable walking shoes, and perhaps a waterproof coat or umbrella for occasional rain showers. Sunglasses and a hat might also be useful on sunnier days.

Is March off season in Portugal?

March is considered part of the shoulder season in Portugal. It’s the period between winter’s low season and summer’s high season.

While not as quiet as the winter months, March is a fantastic month to visit Lisbon as there are fewer tourists than the peak season (summer months) and lower prices, making it a good time to explore the country with fewer crowds and generally milder weather.

Is Portugal warm in March?

In March, Portugal experiences a mild climate, marking the transition from winter to spring.

While it’s not as warm as the summer months, temperatures are generally pleasant, making it a comfortable time to visit. Daytime temperatures can vary, typically ranging from the low to mid-teens Celsius (about 55-65°F) in many parts of the country.

However, evenings can still be cool, and there’s a chance of rain, so it’s advisable to bring layers and a waterproof jacket. Overall, Lisbon in spring offers a milder climate compared to the colder winter months, but it’s not yet the warm, sunny weather characteristic of the summer.

🌟 Quick tip: If you want to go somewhere even warmer in March, my advice is to head to the Algarve, the southern coastline of Portugal. The coastal areas are warm enough to enjoy a dip in the ocean.

Final Thoughts: Lisbon in March

March is often seen as one of the best months to visit Lisbon. With its mild climate, this time of the year offers a beautiful opportunity to explore the city comfortably before the hot summers set in. Accommodation prices are usually lower, making it an excellent choice for travelers seeking quality experiences at low prices.

As late spring approaches, Lisbon blooms in beauty, offering the perfect backdrop for sightseeing and outdoor adventures. If you’re looking for a wonderful time to enjoy Lisbon without the crowds, high costs, or extreme heat, March stands out as an ideal, beautiful time to visit.

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