The best day trips from Lisbon, a complete guide

20 Best Day Trips From Lisbon: Incredible Places to Visit


You’re in the right place because the 20 best day trips from Lisbon are all featured here. In fact, as someone who has lived in Portugal since 2020, I’ve done all these day trips around Lisbon – so you know that I am only recommending the best.

Did you know that one of the things that makes Lisbon unique is its location? Yes, it has all the commotion of any metropole – the noise, the colors, the scents, people everywhere – yet it’s close to some of the most beautiful and fascinating getaway locations if what you need is time away from the 24/7, fast-paced Lisbon city-life.

So, if you can, pick up a car, a bus, or a train, and in no time – and I do mean in no time – make sure you reach these nearby locations that are just as breathtaking as the capital.

20 Best Day Trips from Lisbon

From world heritage sites to medieval villages to the perfect beach locations, here are the best day trip destinations for the perfect Portugal Travel Guide: Day Trips edition.

1. Ericeira: A Sufer’s Paradise

Distance: 40 mins | 📍 Google Maps | 👉 Queluz, Mafra and Ericeira Private Tour

Ericeira is a small coastal town in the Mafra municipality, just a 40-minute drive from Lisbon by car or bus — yes, there is a direct bus here from Lisbon.

Also known as “Onde O Mar É Mais Azul’‘ [the place where the sea is the most blue], this small beach town has everything you need including beautiful beaches, epic landscapes, heavenly gastronomy, animated nightlife, rich Portuguese culture, and its biggest attraction: unforgettable surf conditions.

And if you aren’t a surfer, don’t worry, as there is still plenty to do and see. Along with nightlife, bars, and restaurants, Ericeria is known for its small local shops, as well as non-surf activities like stand-up paddling, hiking, skateboarding, beach volleyball, yoga, and ceramic workshops.

Solve this local insider charade. Curiosity never killed the cat, but it might leave you wanting to. If you find yourself in Rua Dr. Eduardo Burnay, stop in front of the Viscata Boutique, a building entirely covered in tiles. One of the tiles was turned upside down. Can you spot which one?

2. Sintra: The Land of Palaces and Forests

Sintra is one of the best day trips from Lisbon by train as there is a direct train from Lisbon to Sintra.

Distance: 40 mins | 📍 Google Maps | 👉 Secrets of Sintra – Fairytale Tour

Located 32 km (20 mi) from Lisbon, Sintra is a dreamy, mystical town that seems to have leaped straight out of a fairy tale. Nestled amidst lush, verdant hills and dotted with extravagant palaces and enchanting forests, this UNESCO World Heritage Site offers an enticing escape from urban life.

Sintra is best known for its 19th-century Romanticist architecture, especially the colorful Pena Palace, perched high on a hill and visible from many points in the town. The Moorish Castle, with its sweeping views of the surrounding landscape, is another must-see, as is Quinta da Regaleira, with its labyrinth of hidden tunnels and enchanting gardens. There is also the Palácio Nacional de Sintra – Sintra National Palace (or Pena National Palace).

But it’s not just the grandeur of its palaces that make Sintra magical. The town also boasts a charming historical center filled with traditional Portuguese bakeries (make sure to try a Queijada & Travesseiro) and quaint shops, perfect for leisurely strolls. Sintra is a true testament to the allure of the old world, offering a journey back in time.

⭐️ Looking for the best tours to Sintra from Lisbon? The best way to visit Sintra from Lisbon is by taking a tour. Read our article: Sintra Day Trip from Lisbon: 19 Best Tours: Unlock The Secrets Of Sintra.

3. Cascais: Coastal Chic

A trip to Sintra from Lisbon is not complete without a stop-off at Cascais, it is one of the best train trips from Lisbon.

Distance: 45 mins | 📍 Google Maps | 👉 Sintra, Cascais & Cabo da Roca Day Tour

Just 30 km (or about 19 miles) away from Lisbon, Cascais is a seaside town that effortlessly blends the chic with the charming. An easy 40-minute train ride along the coast from Lisbon brings you to this once-small fishing village that’s now a bustling and sophisticated resort town.

Cascais is well known for its marina and for its historic Old Town, with narrow cobblestone streets filled with cafes, boutiques, and galleries. Be sure to visit the stunning Boca do Inferno, a dramatic chasm located in the seaside cliffs close to Cascais.

When it comes to gastronomy, savor local seafood dishes at the many restaurants lining the bay, and for dessert, try the local specialty – Santini ice cream. Whether you’re relaxing on one of its sandy beaches or strolling the elegant pedestrianized old town, Cascais is one of the best beach day trips from Lisbon for anyone seeking both relaxation and a bit of coastal luxury.

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4. Cabo da Roca: The Edge of the Continent

Most tours from Lisbon to Sintra also include a stop at Cabo da Roca

Distance: 40 mins | 📍 Google Maps | 👉 Cabo da Roca tour from Lisbon

Just a short drive (about 40 km or 25 mi) west of Lisbon lies Cabo da Roca, the westernmost point of mainland Europe — also known as the edge of the world. Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, it’s a popular destination and the perfect place to soak up Portugal’s stunning natural beauty.

You’ll be greeted by a rugged, windswept landscape where towering cliffs drop dramatically into the ocean. The lighthouse, standing proudly since the 18th century, adds to the dramatic charm of this spot.

Cabo da Roca is particularly beautiful at sunset. If you can time your visit accordingly, you’ll be rewarded with spectacular views as the sun dips into the Atlantic Ocean. If you don’t have a car, many day trips to Sintra also include a stop-off at Cabo Roca.

5. Palácio Nacional de Queluz

One of the quicker Lisbon day tours, this palace is an incredible site to see.

Distance: 30 min | 📍 Google Maps | 👉 Queluz, Mafra and Ericeira Private Tour

The Palácio Nacional de Queluz, less than a half-hour drive from Lisbon’s city center, is an integral part of Portugal’s rich history. This royal palace, often compared to Versailles, served as the summer residence of King Pedro III and Queen Maria I during the 18th century. Its opulent interiors and manicured gardens are a testament to the grandeur of Portugal’s royal past.

One of the best-loved historic monuments in Portugal, the palace is known for its stunning Throne Room, adorned with chandeliers, tapestries, and ceiling paintings. Outside, the gardens boast meticulously designed landscapes and a canal where the royal family once enjoyed boat rides.

6. Azenhas do Mar: A Coastal Gem

One of the best day trips out of Lisbon, Azenhas to Mar, is great for anyone looking to relax.

Distance: 1 hr | 📍 Google Maps | 👉 Sintra, Azenhas do Mar and Cascais Day Trip

Nestled on the cliffs of the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park, about 40 km (30 mi) northwest of Lisbon, lies the picturesque village of Azenhas do Mar. It’s the perfect spot for a quick day trip from the Portuguese capital, and it is only a 20-minute drive from Sintra.

With its white-washed houses cascading down towards the Atlantic Ocean, Azenhas do Mar is a sight to behold. It gets its name from the old watermills (azenhas in Portuguese) that once existed in the village. The beach, though small, is strikingly beautiful with its natural seawater pool.

Overlooking the beach is the renowned Azenhas do Mar Restaurant, a perfect place to try the freshest local fish and seafood while enjoying a stunning ocean view.

🌊 Azenas do Mar is just 4km away from Praia Grande, a beautiful beach that is known as a great surf spot. It is also known for being the home of the largest saltwater swimming pool in Europe at over 100 meters in length. The pool is owned and operated by the Hotel das Arribas.

7. Óbidos: Medieval Charm Meets Modern Delight

One of the best day tours from Lisbon, the town of Óbidos is a great choice for medieval buffs.

Distance: 1 hr | 📍 Google Maps | 👉 Lisbon to Obidos Day Trip

A short drive (around 85 km or 53 mi) north of Lisbon, you’ll discover the small medieval town of Óbidos. Enclosed within city walls, it’s a perfect spot to experience the charm of a bygone era.

Óbido is home to one of the best-preserved medieval castles in the country. This centuries-old fortress has now been transformed into a luxury hotel.

The best way to explore Óbidos is by foot. Start your journey at the city’s main gate, decorated with traditional Portuguese tiles, and end with a visit to the town’s historic center. Don’t forget to climb up to the castle’s ramparts. From there, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the picturesque countryside that stretches out around Óbidos.

🍒 And while you’re there, don’t miss the chance to taste the local cherry liqueur, ginjinha, usually served in a small chocolate cup.

📅 Tip: Óbidos is known for the thematic events it holds during the year. If you decide to visit in spring, don’t miss the International Chocolate Festival. In the summer, plan a visit to the Medieval Market, and if you coming during the winter holidays, then make sure to experience Óbidos’ Christmas Village.

Want to visit Óbidos? Discover three different landscapes on this full-day tour from Lisbon to Fátima, Nazaré, and Óbidos. Enjoy a local treat with a complimentary Ginja de Óbidos (cherry liqueur in a chocolate cup). ➥ BOOK THIS EXPERIENCE HERE

8. Peniche & Berlengas: A Seaside Escape and an Island Adventure

One of the best ways to visit Berlenga Island from Lisbon is on a Berlenga island small group day trip from Lisbon.

Distance: 1 hour | 📍 Google Maps | 👉 Berlengas Tour from Lisbon

Around 100 kilometers (62 mi) north of Lisbon lies Peniche, a picturesque town that juts out into the Atlantic Ocean. Known for its dramatic coastline, surf-friendly beaches, and delicious seafood, Peniche is a great day trip from Lisbon.

But the adventure doesn’t stop there. From the Peniche port, take a short boat trip to the Berlengas Islands, a natural wildlife reserve. The biggest island, Berlenga Grande, is the only one accessible to the public. On the island, make sure to visit the Fort of São João Baptista, a 17th-century fortification. The island is also home to a variety of sea birds, making it a great place for bird-watching.

Back in Peniche, explore the historic town center and savor freshly caught seafood at one of the local restaurants. The grilled sardines are a must-try! 🐟. And make sure to take a surfing lesson (or two) at Praia Baleal – Norte.

Want to visit the islands? Spend an amazing day visiting the archipelago and exploring this UNESCO Biosphere World Heritage status site on this Berlengas Tour from Lisbon. ➥ BOOK THIS EXPERIENCE HERE

9. Nazare: Watching The Big Waves

A picture the town of Nazaré, one of the best day trips from Lisbon
A Lisbon to Nazare day trip isn’t complete without a stop at Praia Forte, known for its record-breaking waves.

Distance: 1.5 hours | 📍 Google Maps | 👉 Nazaré Small-Group Day Trip from Lisbon

Nazaré, located (121 km or 75 mi) north of Lisbon, is known for its world-record-breaking waves. The biggest recorded wave (which is also a world record)? Eighty-six feet or 26 meters.

This seaside town, accessed by a scenic drive along the Atlantic Coast (also known as the Silver Coast), is a popular destination for surfers and spectators alike. The town of Nazaré is divided into two main areas.

At the bottom of the cliff, you’ll find the town center, a maze of narrow, traditional streets lined with brightly colored houses. This is where you’ll find Nazaré’s beautiful beach and a selection of charming local restaurants, serving everything from fresh seafood to classic Portuguese dishes.

Meanwhile, the cliff-top offers unparalleled views of the Atlantic Ocean and the town below. Here you can walk along Estrada do Farol, a road that leads to Forte de São Miguel Arcanjo, while stopping off at various viewpoints.

🏄‍♀️ If you decide to go on a Lisbon to Nazaré day trip during the winter months, this is also where you’ll catch a glimpse of the surfers riding the biggest waves at Praia do Norte.

You can reach the cliff top by taking the Nazaré Funicular or driving up. Just note that parking can be challenging, especially if the waves are big.

10. Aveiro: The Venice of Portugal

A picture of Aveiro, one of the best day trips from Lisbon
The best way to experience the city is to take a Lisbon to Aveiro day trip

Distance: 2.5 hrs | 📍 Google Maps | 👉 Aveiro Private Tour | Coimbra + Moliceiro Tour

Situated about 253 km (157 mi) north of Lisbon, Aveiro is a vibrant city located in Portugal’s Centro region. Often referred to as the Venice of Portugal, Aveiro delights visitors with its quaint charm, reflected in its unique moliceiros (gondola-like boats) and rich history.

The city’s history traces back to the Roman era, yet it truly thrived during the 15th and 16th centuries due to its bustling seaport. Aveiro became a significant point for salt production and maritime trade, fostering its growth and prosperity. One unique thing to do in the city is to take a salty bath.

Today, along with its molicerios, Aveiro is also particularly famous for its traditional sweets. Ovos moles, an indulgent confectionery made from egg yolks and sugar, is encased in a thin, crispy wafer molded into various maritime symbols. Another local delicacy to savor is tripas de Aveiro, crepes filled with a variety of sweet and savory ingredients.

11. Tomar: A Step into the World of Knights Templar

Explore the area with a local guide on a Tomar day trip from Lisbon

Distance: 1.5 hrs | 📍 Google Maps | 👉 Lisbon to Tomar Day Trip: Knights Templar

Located 135 km (or 84 miles) northeast of Lisbon, Tomar makes for a fascinating day trip steeped in centuries of captivating tales. The main attraction is the Convento de Cristo, a historic monument that was once the stronghold of the Knights Templar, a medieval Catholic military order.

Today, the convent is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and houses a significant collection of religious art. Its intricate Manueline window is an architectural marvel that deserves your attention. Taking a Tomar day trip from Lisbon is a good idea, as it helps you delve deeper into the complex’s history and architectural significance of the convent.

Exploring the old town of Tomar is also part of the city’s charm. You’ll be treated to a picturesque scene of narrow, cobblestone streets and quaint houses. The city’s rich history is evident in its well-preserved medieval synagogues and churches, making every corner a new discovery.

Finally, no visit to Tomar is complete without a stroll in the beautiful Mouchão Park. Nestled on an islet in the middle of the Nabão River, it’s a perfect spot for a peaceful rest after a full day of exploring.

12. Fatima: The City of Miracles

Distance: 1.5 hrs | 📍 Google Maps | 👉 Fatima Day Trip from Lisbon

Located 127 km (or 79 mi) north of Lisbon, Fátima is one of the most important Catholic pilgrimage sites in the world. This small town holds a significant place in religious history due to the events of 1917 when three shepherd children claimed to have seen an apparition of the Virgin Mary.

The primary attraction in Fátima is the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fátima, a sprawling complex containing numerous religious sites. The centerpiece is the Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary, a neoclassical church where the tombs of the three shepherd children lie. Adjacent to it is the Chapel of the Apparitions, marking the exact spot of the Marian apparitions.

Another must-see site within the sanctuary is the Basilica of the Holy Trinity, one of the largest Christian churches in the world. Its modern architecture starkly contrasts with the rest of the sanctuary, highlighting Fátima’s balance of the traditional and the contemporary.

📅 And if you can, try to plan your visit to coincide with one of the annual pilgrimages (on May 13th and October 13th), where you’ll get to see Fátima at its most vibrant.

👋🏻 If you have the time, make sure to visit the Batalha Monastery, an emblem of Gothic and Manueline architecture and a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is just a short 23 km (or approximately 14 miles) drive from the religious site of Fatima.

13. Costa da Caparica

A picture of loungers in front of Classic Beach Bar. If you are looking for a Lisbon beach day trip, there is no better place than Costa.

Distance: 30 mins | 📍 Google Maps | 👉 Costa Surfing Experience

Journeying 30 kilometers south of Lisbon, you’ll find Costa da Caparica, a place I had the pleasure of calling home for six months. Known for its expansive beaches and vibrant surf culture, it’s a local favorite for a city escape.

But, Costa da Caparica’s appeal extends beyond the surf. The town is home to a selection of beach bars, each boasting a unique atmosphere and menu. While you’ll find some in the city centre of Costa, I recommend going to the outskirts. In Sao Joao de Caparica, you’ll find beach bars like Pé Nu (my favorite) and Classic Beach Bar, while further south, you’ll discover Praia Irmao, Waikiki, Tartaruga Bar, Praia Princesa, and more.

💡 If you can, visit Fonte de Telha and check out Kailua. Fonte de Telha is also a great spot for windsurfing.

Many of these beach bars offer lounge areas where you can rent umbrellas for a full day or half day. With prices varying from €20 to €50 (excluding food and drink), it’s an idyllic way to bask in the beachside atmosphere.

🚌 Getting to Costa da Caparica can be a bit tricky via public transport, so I recommend catching an UBER. Alternatively, enjoy a scenic ferry ride from Lisbon to Trafaria, a charming fishing town on the opposite riverbank, and then walk or take a bus to Costa da Caparica. Trust me, it’s worth the journey.

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14. Sesimbra: History and Water Adventures

A view from above, a picture taken from the Sesimbra Castle

Distance: 45 mins | 📍 Google Maps | 👉 Sesimbra Dolphin Watching & Boat Tour

Sesimbra, a charming seaside town in the Setúbal District, offers a blend of historical intrigue and water activities. Located just over 38.4 km (23.8 mi) south of Lisbon, it serves as a Lisbon perfect day trip destination for those looking to swap city bustle for some exciting outdoor activities.

Before heading into town, first stop off at the town’s historic monument, Sesimbra Castle. Set 230 meters above the town, the castle offers stunning panoramic views of the coastline. And the best part? There’s no entry fee.

Then it’s time to head down into town. Along with being a sought-after beach destination, Sesimbra is known for its water activities. Whether you’re keen on coasteering, snorkeling, kayaking, dolphin-watching, or looking to go scuba diving/freediving, there are so many opportunities to do so.

👋🏻 I took a freediving course with Spot Freedive and went scuba diving with Anthia Diving Center. I loved both experiences and recommend them. But be aware that the water is cold, so you’ll be wearing thick wetsuits. Not a scuba diver? Become one in 3-days in Sesimbra.

If you are more of a beach and wine type of person, then downtown Sesimbra is perfect for you. Here you can lounge at the beach all day, and if you are feeling hungry, there are several restaurants that line the Sesimbra boardwalk. My recommendation? Tap House – Craftbeer & Ocean for its gorgeous view of the ocean.

15. Arrábida Natural Park: A Breathtaking Oasis

One of the best day trips from Lisbon Portugal is a stop at Portinho, a gorgeous spot with blue-green (albeit 🥶) waters.

Distance: 1 hr | 📍 Google Maps | 👉 Arrábida Secret Beaches & Caves Tour

The Arrábida Natural Park, nestled between Setúbal and the fishing town of Sesimbra, boasts stunning landscapes. The park’s main attraction, Serra da Arrábida, is flanked by the sea, offering incomparable natural beauty.

It is joined by the Serra do Risco mountain range, home to the highest peak along the Portuguese mainland coast — a remarkable 380 m high cliff. The park also hosts a string of lovely beaches, like Praia Galapos and Praia Figueirinha.

My personal favorite location is Portinho da Arrábida. This beautiful beach at the foot of the mountains is an amazing place to spend the afternoon. The area, albeit small, has two restaurants, a pathway to the beach, and a kayak-rental spot. Make sure to eat lunch at Farol Restaurant.

If you don’t have a car, the best way to explore the area is with an Arrabida tour from Lisbon. There are many tours, including this From Lisbon: Arrabida Park Small-Group Kayak Tour or this Arrábida Natural Park from Lisbon Private Tour.

⚠️ ⚠️ Note that during the peak season, between 15th June to 15th September, traffic to these beaches is restricted, and there is a shuttle bus service. For more information, refer to the Arrábida Sem Carros information page (available in English via Google Chrome translation).

16. Azeitao: A Gastronomic Gem for Wine and Cheese Enthusiasts

One of the best day trips near Lisbon, especially if you are a foodie, is Azeitão

Distance: 30-45 mins | 📍 Google Maps | 👉 Arrábida Day Tour & Wine Tasting

Just 30 kilometers (about 19 miles) south of Lisbon, nestled in the lush landscapes of the Serra da Arrábida, lies the charming village of Azeitão. It is a town known for cheese and wine, making it one of the best trips from Lisbon for foodies.

The region of Azeitão is celebrated for its production of creamy sheep’s cheese, aptly named Azeitão cheese, which is a delight for all the cheese lovers out there. But it’s not just the cheese that puts Azeitão on the gastronomic map. This town also has a rich tradition of wine-making. The area is studded with vineyards, offering an endless choice for wine-tasting tours.

🍷🥮 Make sure to taste the region’s famed Moscatel de Setúbal, a sweet fortified wine that has been produced in the region for centuries. Also, make sure to order a traditional torta de azeitão.

A visit to one of the region’s leading wineries, such as Bacalhôa Vinhos or José Maria da Fonseca, is a good idea to learn about the rich history of wine production in Azeitão and, of course, sample some of the exquisite local wines.

17. Setúbal: Sardines, Dolphins, and Coco Frito

If you want to spot some dolphins, Setubal is one of the best day trips from Lisboa. It is also one of the best day trips from Lisbon by public transport.

Distance: 1 hr | 📍 Google Maps | 👉 Setubal Dolphin Watching Boat Trip

Just under 50 km (31 miles) south of Lisbon, you’ll find the vibrant city of Setúbal. This coastal locale is renowned for its bustling port, fresh seafood and as a starting point for exploring the Serra da Arrábida Natural Park.

Setúbal is traditionally a center for Portugal’s fishing industry. The city’s old town is packed with seafood restaurants where you can enjoy freshly grilled sardines, a local delicacy. Make sure to also try choco frito, a traditional dish of fried cuttlefish, which is considered a culinary symbol of Setúba.

On the natural side, Setúbal is a launchpad for dolphin-watching tours in the Sado Estuary. Here, a resident pod of bottlenose dolphins can often be spotted, providing an unforgettable experience.

🚊 Setubal is another one of the best Lisbon day trips by train. There is a direct train that connects Lisbon to Setubal. You can catch a train from the Roma-Areeiro, Entrecampos, Sete Rios, or Campolide train station straight to Setúbal.

18. Troia: A Paradise Peninsula Near Lisbon

Troia is known for having some of the best beaches in the Lisbon Metropolitan region.

Distance: 1.5 hrs | 📍 Google Maps | 👉 Tróia Sandbanks in the Arrábida Day Trip

Just a short ferry ride across the Sado River from Setúbal, about 50 km (31 miles) south of Lisbon, lies the sun-soaked paradise of Troia. This slender peninsula boasts some of the most pristine beaches in Portugal, along with a host of high-end amenities.

The main attraction in Troia is undoubtedly its sandy coastline, where you’ll find crystal-clear waters perfect for a refreshing dip. These beaches stretch along the peninsula, offering plenty of space to find your ideal spot in the sun.

Troia isn’t just about relaxation, though. If you’re a fan of wildlife, you can take a dolphin-watching tour in the Sado Estuary. For golfers, Troia boasts one of Portugal’s top golf courses, The Troia Golf Championship Course, designed by the legendary Robert Trent Jones. The course blends beautifully into the natural landscape and offers breathtaking views over the ocean.

🚗 There are two ways to reach Troia from Lisbon. You can choose the ferry, which accommodates both pedestrians and cars. Alternatively, if you’re up for a bit of a road trip, you can drive the longer route around the Sado estuary. Both options offer their own unique experiences and views.

19. Comporta: Bohemian Luxury Amidst Untouched Nature

One of the best day trips Lisbon has to offer, Comporta is a truly enchanting destination.

Distance: 1 hr | 📍 Google Maps | 👉 Comporta & Setúbal Guided Tour + Horseback

Just 124km (77 mi) from Lisbon, Comporta is a bohemian paradise that blends luxury living with natural beauty. Nestled within the wider region of Herdade da Comporta, this boho-chic hotspot has become a haven for those seeking a tranquil yet sophisticated retreat.

Sprawling across a diverse terrain that encompasses seven idyllic hamlets — Pego, Carvalhal, Brejos, Torre, Possanco, Carrasqueira, and Comporta, this region charms visitors with its swathes of pine and cork oak forests, expansive rice paddies, and the serene Sado Estuary. It’s not uncommon to spot storks, their clacking beaks are a charming soundtrack to your stay.

Comporta’s beaches, while undoubtedly beautiful, are just one thing that the area offers. Here, you can gallop on horseback along sandy shores, embark on an invigorating boat tour, or enjoy world-class surfing. The town also caters to those seeking a slower pace with its boutiques filled with local and designer goods.

📸 Comporta has become a sought-after spot for celebrities, which include Nicolas Sarkozy, Madonna, José Mourinho, and Carla Bruni. Additionally, famous designer Christian Louboutin opened a boutique hotel named Vermelho here in Melindes in 2023.

20. Evora: A Step Back in Time in Portugal’s Alentejo Region

The best one day trip from Lisbon, Evora has the perfect mix of food, wine, and history.

Distance: 1.5 hrs | 📍 Google Maps | 👉 Évora and Megaliths Full-Day Tour from Lisbon

Located 137km (85 mi) from Lisbon in Portugal’s Alentejo region, Evora is a historical treasure. This UNESCO World Heritage site has a rich history stretching back more than two millennia and is filled with architectural gems from different eras, all contained within its well-preserved medieval castle walls.

Evora’s Roman roots are displayed with landmarks such as the well-preserved Roman Temple, believed to have been constructed around the 1st century AD. The city also offers an insightful peek into the Gothic era with the impressive Evora Cathedral.

Then there is the Chapel of Bones, located in the Church of St. Francis — it’s called this way because the interior walls are lined with human skulls and bones.

But it’s not just about history and architecture in Evora. The city is also known for its vibrant gastronomic scene, with many restaurants serving local Alentejo cuisine. Don’t leave without trying the region’s renowned wines, celebrated for their rich flavors.

Can you lisbon to porto day tour?

Are day trips from Lisbon to Porto worth it?

Yes, A day trip to Porto from Lisbon is definitely possible. So how far is Lisbon from Porto? The two cities are less than 200 miles (320 km) apart, and the journey takes a little over 3 hours by car or slightly less by train. You can also take a tour or even book a private transfer

However, this option is best if you’re short on time. Otherwise, spending at least 2 to 3 days exploring this beautiful city to fully appreciate its charm and attractions is recommended. Porto is one of the best weekend trips from Lisbon.

Final Thoughts: Day Trips from Lisbon

In the heart of Portugal’s capital, Lisbon, the best places to explore are a vibrant tapestry of ancient castles, royal palaces, and UNESCO sites, including the Roman Temple in Evora and the Pena National Palace in Sintra.

The city centre provides a springboard to these enchanting locales, such as the Marina de Cascais or the medieval walls of the charming little town of Óbidos, known for its Rua Direita. Take a guided day trip or opt for small group tours – they’re the easiest way to navigate the surrounding areas and make the most of your travel time, especially during the bustling summer months.

These popular day trips are a testament to Portugal’s vibrant culture, whether you’re gazing up at the Cristo Rei Statue along the Tagus River or meandering through the streets of quaint Porto Covo. Include a wine-tasting session in Azeitão on your Portugal itinerary for a memorable afternoon.

Each locale is a significant piece of the beautiful place that Portugal is. So whether you have much time or a little, remember, there’s a good reason each destination is recommended – immerse yourself and discover the magic of Portugal.

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