Finding The Best Gelato in Lisbon (+ the best gelataria in Portugal)

Best Gelato in Lisbon

So, perhaps you don’t have the biggest sweet tooth, but a cold fresh gelato on a hot summer’s day can really just hit the spot. Especially during those long and hot Lisbon summer days. In fact, there is nothing like walking through the city’s cobblestone streets enjoying your favorite flavor of gelato. So where can you get the best gelato in Lisbon?

Well, before we get into our top 3 choices, let’s quickly take a look at the difference between ice cream and gelato. Well, gelato is lower in fat because it contains less cream and more milk, and is churned slower resulting in less air and a richer flavor. As a result, scoop for scoop, you get more gelato than you would ice cream.

Are you craving some gelato? Well here the top three shops where you can find the best gelato in Lisbon.


Location: R. Nova da Piedade 64A

Originally founded by Italians from Rome, Nannarella has a few smaller locations around the city (one in El Corte Ingles and another in Campo de Ourique.) It was also featured in the series “Somebody Feed Phil.”

The shop is composed of just a counter, but there is a nearby park near the Parliament building or you can walk up to Praca das Flores if you would like a seat. Be warned that there is usually a queue, so try to go during the non-peak hours. Peak hours are usually after lunch or before dinner time. The best time actually might be at dinner time so around 8 pm.

One thing that you should definitely try is their epoca flavors (or seasonal flavors) which typically correlate depending on the time of year. But if you are looking to stick with the classics then go for the salted caramel or pistachio flavor.

Unico Gelato

Location: Av. Dom Carlos i, 92

Unico Gelato was founded in 2020 as a “sister” shop of Cremeria Funivia which is located in Bologna, Italy. This particular gelato in Lisbon shop has flavors that have a more of a creamier mixture than other gelaterias — so if you are a fan, then this gelato shop is perfect for you. The excellent quality of their gelatos is guaranteed through a handcrafted production process without preservatives, colorings, or artificial flavors.

There’s an art to taking the typical Italian flavors and mixing them to create something new — like the Bologna flavor, for example, mixes an amaretto cream with caramelized almonds or the pineapple and ginger flavor! Not only do they have an incredibly unique list of flavors they also have sorbet, gluten-free, lactose-free, and even vegan options.

The shop does have a small seating area but typically people walk across the street to the nearby benches or walk to the river. Do be warned that due to the consistency of the creaminess texture, this gelato does tend to melt quicker than most.

Their ice cream cakes also are very delicious and if you plan on going back many times, do ask for their reward card for a free gelato after 10 purchases.

Gelato Davvero

Location: Av. Dom Carlos i, 39

Gelato Davvero, which literally translates into “really gelato” in Italian, has a rather large franchisement around the Lisbon area. Although it is heavily established, one of the best locations is on Avenida Dom Carlos.

Thankfully this shop features a plethora of indoor seating and is geographically located close to the river so it’s easy to find a spot to sit if you’d like to be outside. 

The flavors are everything you’d imagine and the quality is always spot on! My go-to flavor is ricotta e noci al miele (ricotta, walnuts, and honey) and peach. 

And the moment you have been waiting for… the best gelateria in Portugal is….

Gelataria Portuense!

Located in downtown Porto, the Gelataria Portuense is one of the best gelateria’s in Portugal for a number of reasons.

First, let’s talk about history. Before founding the Gelataria Portuense, Ana Ferreira decided to travel to the roots of Italian ice cream to become a gelatiere, learning from the master Giacomo Schiavon. Upon returning to Portugal, she founded Gelataria Portuenes with the idea to create real ice cream made from fresh ingredients and flavors that tickle your palette.

The quality is what sets this gelato apart. Each week this gelato shop takes food inspiration from different countries around the world and creates fantastic flavors. Their gelato is known not only to be delicious but also oh-so-creamy.

The gelataria also does offer a tasting option, which includes six small portions — and you even get a palate cleanser, so the flavors don’t mix.

The best gelato in Lisbon is actually not in Lisbon, it is in Porto.
And that is our list of best gelato in Lisbon (and in Portugal), did miss one? Have you been to any of the shops that were mentioned back? Have you tried gelato in Lisbon? Let us know in the comments. 
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