The Best Fado in Lisbon: 11 Fado Houses to Explore

Fado is more than a music genre; it is a feeling. You should listen to or watch a live performance to understand its magic. Keep reading this article to learn more about fado and also to learn about where you can experience the best fado in Lisbon. 

Best Hiking in Portugal: The 10 Most Spectacular Trails

While once considered off the beaten track, in the last 5 five years, Portugal has become a leading European travel destination, and for a good reason. Nevertheless, it is not often thought of as a place for hiking. This article will cover some of the best hiking in Portugal, so keep reading.

A Guide To The Best Canned Sardines from Portugal

So, what makes sardines so popular in Portugal? When did tinned sardines become a meal served in gourmet restaurants? Is there a difference between whole canned sardines and filets? What about sauces? Where can you find the best canned sardines from Portugal? Where should I go to buy or taste them? Let’s find out.

The Wines of Portugal: An Introduction to Portuguese Wine

A look at the wines of Portugal and a journey through some of the best wine experiences the country has to offer. Once one of…

Buying Property in Portugal: A Complete Guide

The process wasn’t easy. But I am not the only one that has learned so much throughout this process. There are others—many others—who, just like me, faced their challenges when buying property in Portugal. Here are our stories, experiences, and advice on buying property in a country that we now call home. Hopefully, it will help any others considering buying property in one of the most beautiful countries in all of Europe.

The Ultimate Guide to Surfing in Portugal

From a surfer’s standpoint, Portugal has it all. So, why go surfing in Portugal? The short answer would be this – Portugal delivers every kind of wave imaginable and anything you could possibly want from a surf trip. It is a country that is surrounded by 1794 km of coastline, with hundreds of beautiful surf spots and beaches for different levels of surfing.

How to Order Portuguese Coffee Like a Local

For Portuguese people, drinking coffee is a journey. No matter how late, anxious, adrift, or tired you are, is always worth the time and the wait. So let’s look at how to order Portuguese coffee like a local.